Jodie (Paulsaran)

Jodie first found her passion and love for dance as a child; she would watch her parents dance the intricate steps of ballroom dancing around the house every night. Seeing her curiosity and potential, her father became her first dance teacher. Her passion for dance continued as she took several dance lessons in various styles before she was mesmerised by a stunning Bellydance performance on a DVD. That fateful encounter led her to join rumPUREE world dance studio in 2006 so she could further expand her knowledge of this ancient art form.

Drawing from her love of traditional belly dancing, Jodie has a consuming passion for American Tribal Style (ATS) and Tribal Fusion Bellydance as well as Afro Caribbean Dance and Hip Hop. Being inspired by learning from master teachers such as Sharon Kihara, Ariellah Aflalo, and Samantha Emanuel, Jodie excels in creating an inspiring fusion style that is strictly her own.