Pink (Supakarn)

Dancing has always been Pink's passion ever since she was young. She participated in various performances, cheerleading competitions and talent shows throughout her school and college years. Pink earned a degree in Communication Design, while continuously engaged in many styles of dance. She studied Ballroom dance at the Desoto Ballroom Dance Company in Mississippi, U.S.A. and Hip Hop & Jazz at the Sydney Dance Company in Australia. She also joined the first Urban Dance Camp Asia, where she got inspired by top choreographers like Brian Puspos, Lyle Beniga, Anthony Lee, Hilty & Bosch, and Laure Courtellemont. Her dance interests also include Argentine Tango and NY Salsa. At rumPUREE, Pink teaches MV Dance class. She creates her own choreography according to each week's choice of song. Pink always inspires her students to dance with confidence and express themselves through every movement.