Maria (Martins)

For as long as she could remember, Maria had immersed herself in the arts to fuel her passion for creativity. She spent the majority of her academic years focusing on art-related subjects including seven years of playing the flute and singing in the chorus, drama, musical theater, as well as illustration, design, and creative writing. But it was in her second year of studying Communication Arts in university that she discovered her love for creating could be further expanded through the realms of dance. After a grueling search on the internet, she found a dance studio that offered Bellydance classes which she always wants to try due to her interest in Middle Eastern culture. Maria joined her first class at rumPUREE in late 2006 and soon she has become more involved with shows and performances.

Because of her passion and talent, Maria is now part of rumPUREE faculty teaching Bellydance and surprisingly Pole Dance and Striptease. She is also an active member of Raks rumPUREE and rumPUREE Tribal, the premiere Bellydance Company in Thailand dedicated to the Middle Eastern, American Tribal and Tribal Fusion art of dance.